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Color Your Own Young Marvel by Skottie Young

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Grab your pencils, crayons and pens and go to town on Eisner Award-winning Skottie Young’s ever-adorable art! Loads of Young’s “Little Marvel” covers, together with unfeasibly cute pages featuring Rocket Raccoon, kiddified Avengers and plenty more, have been stripped down and rendered in crisp black-and-white – ready for your imagination to take over! Chaos or order, it’s up to you! You want an orange and purple Spidey? You got it! You’re turning Black Bolt pink? Fine! You like your Hulks green and red, only both at the same time? Polka-dot yourself out! But swapping Cap’s red, white and blues for yellow, indigo and ceruleans? Why, that’s downright un-American! Rediscover the pure, unadulterated joy of coloring – Marvel-style!


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